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Clerks pay and duties

The clerk, Mrs English, was engaged and paid to be proper officer and RFO. I have been told that she does not take up the RFO position until July. She would not tell me who agreed to this. Why have we been paying her for a job she is not doing?

The latest revelation is the clerk is not even doing her work in the parish office but takes some of it to her other work. I wonder if they know that she is using their resources and maybe their time for other things?




Parishioners Rights

The clerk has admitted that the document now posted in a prominent position regarding you, the parishioner to be able to view documents was not posted according to legislation.

What is this site about?

Quite a bit has been published by Briston Parish Council concerning Mrs Craske and Councillor Craske. It is about time that the other side of the story is given, that is the truth. Anything that we put on here can be verified .