Parishioners Rights

The clerk has admitted that the document now posted in a prominent position regarding you, the parishioner to be able to view documents was not posted according to legislation.


4 thoughts on “Parishioners Rights

  1. Sandra Craske

    Just wondering why the ‘Scam Clerk’ decided to post the notic for the Annual Audit at least ten days late thus denying parishioners rights. I did notice though the time period has been extended. I hope Mazzars know about this because they have to give their approval for this to happen!

  2. J Cromont

    Saw Kevin Craske in one of the Pavilion rooms the other day, Tony Serne was in there as well. Never thought I would see them in the same room without body guards there. Mind you there was someone sitting with Tony, Mr Craske was on his own doing something.

  3. M Chapman

    How very sad that the top Google entry for this lovely village is being used to “wash dirty linen in public”.
    I was looking for the Parish Council’s website and this came up.
    Not the sort of stuff that should be aired publicly, this should be done by calling a Parish 9or public) meeting of residents and sorting things out. There are clear an proper procedures; if your parish council (or clerk/councillors) are not following this, report it to the Standards Board / Monitoring Officer at Norfolk County Council.
    We want to move into Briston within the next year, we love the village and want to take an active part in its life (as well as the NNR).
    You’re doing Briston no favours with this public blog.


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