What is this site about?

Quite a bit has been published by Briston Parish Council concerning Mrs Craske and Councillor Craske. It is about time that the other side of the story is given, that is the truth. Anything that we put on here can be verified .


6 thoughts on “What is this site about?

  1. Sandra Craske

    Tony Serne recently stated that Mrs Craske thinks she has the right to be the Clerk of Briston Parish Counci. The fact of the matter is I do, the position is still rightfully mine because I was unfairly wrongfully dismissed (proven in court) for no other reason than Mr Serne wanted to rule the roost and Mrs English needed a job due to being disposed of by her previous employers

  2. Sandra Craske

    Jennifer English was actively involved in my sacking so that she could have my job and even attempted to give evidence against me at my Employment Tribunal …

  3. Sandra Craske

    Tony Serne keeps ‘clinging on’ to how the judge said I would leave the council one way or another within six months. What he doesn’t say is that the judge also remarked that these comments were speculative. The judge doesn’t know me and my character in that I never give up until I decide.

    Tony Serne is always banging on as to how he worked for ACAS for 25 years, didn’t do very well at my tribunal or the Green Man one. But then a good friend once said to me “ACAS does employ toilet cleaners and drivers you know!”

    1. Smithy

      Is it right that I hear Kevin Craske has resigned as councillor. What’s up, never thought he would give up.


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